The main objectives in the field of environmental protection are:
  1. assessment and management, prevention and reduction of negative impacts of the company's activities on the environment;
  2. creation of a modern corporate system of quality control and monitoring of the state of technological equipment, production facilities and the environment;
  3. ensuring information transparency in the field of environmental protection to reduce project risks.

The goal of our work is to minimize the negative impact on the environment as a result of production activities.

We value our customers, our trade mark and traditions. This is the basis of the system of principles, values, norms and views that make up our corporate culture, attitude to goals and methods of achieving them.

The top management of Daewoo Bus Kazakhstan LLP undertakes to be guided by environmental policy, respect the named values ​​and encourages all employees to do so.

The effectiveness of the environmental management system of Daewoo Bus Kazakhstan LLP is an important strategic indicator of competitiveness, a guarantee of reducing the negative impact on the environment, a guarantee of improving the economic situation and well-being of all employees.

The management of Daewoo Bus Kazakhstan LLP undertakes the following obligations in the field of environmental protection:
  1. take all possible measures to reduce and prevent emissions and discharges of pollutants, as well as measures to minimize, neutralize and utilize production waste, including planning and implementing measures related to the management of environmental aspects;
  2. ensure that all identified significant environmental aspects are managed, taking into account the nature, magnitude and environmental impacts of activities, products and services;
  3. ensure the establishment and analysis of environmental goals and objectives;
  4. analyze the performance of the environmental management system;
  5. ensure the compliance of the environmental management system with the requirements of ST RK ISO 14001;
  6. act in accordance with the requirements of environmental legislation and other regulatory documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  7. ensure the rational use of energy and natural resources;
  8. to provide environmental education and upbringing of all employees without exception to understand their place and role in the environmental management system;
  9. communicate the requirements of the policy to employees and motivate its implementation.
  10. This Environmental Management Policy is available to all interested parties.