The main objectives in the field of occupational safety and health are:
  1. creating safe working conditions and preserving the life and health of plant workers;
  2. ensuring the reliability of production facilities and equipment;
  3. reducing the risk of accidents at production facilities and equipment
  4. formation of a stable motivational mechanism of safe behavior in production among employees of the enterprise, development of people's skills to anticipate and prevent the occurrence of incidents in production.

The top management of Daewoo Bus Kazakhstan LLP recognizes that the production activities carried out by the Partnership are a source of potential danger to the organization's personnel, contractors and visitors and is constantly working to create healthy and safe working conditions at all workplaces of the organization.

In ensuring safe working conditions, Daewoo Bus Kazakhstan LLP is guided by the principle of joint responsibility of managers and direct executors for compliance with safety and labor protection requirements.

To implement the Occupational Safety and Health Policy, the Senior Management of Daewoo Bus Kazakhstan LLP undertakes the following obligations:
  1. comply with legal, regulatory, and other requirements that the organization agrees with in relation to occupational safety and health hazards;
  2. comply with the requirements of ST RK OHSAS 18001;
  3. minimize risks, prevent threats of accidents, injuries and morbidity by modernizing existing technological equipment and improving production technology, clear and coordinated work of all services;
  4. provide appropriate instruction and training for personnel at all levels on health and safety issues;
  5. to continuously improve the occupational health and safety management system and performance indicators in the field of occupational safety and health through periodic analysis based on the results of monitoring, inspections and audits;
  6. interact with all stakeholders (employees, shareholders, authorized government agencies, contractors and suppliers) to achieve mutual understanding on occupational safety and health.

The senior management of Daewoo Bus Kazakhstan LLP takes responsibility for ensuring the necessary resources to implement this policy in the field of occupational safety and health.

This policy applies to all activities of Daewoo Bus Kazakhstan LLP and is an integral part of the organization's management system.

Senior management takes responsibility for communicating this policy to employees and motivating them to implement it.

This Occupational Safety and Health Policy is available to all stakeholders.