The business goal of Daewoo Bus Kazakhstan LLP is to create a highly efficient production facility that ensures the production of high-quality, competitive products that meet modern international standards, based on the introduction of the latest technologies and modern equipment.

The goal of Daewoo Bus Kazakhstan LLP in the field of quality is to produce high-quality products that meet state and international requirements, maintain a leading position in the market, meet consumer demand, increase the production of competitive products and optimize the assortment, as well as implement the future development of production. p>

Guided by the main goals and demonstrating adherence to the principles of total quality management, the Top Management of Daewoo Bus Kazakhstan LLP declares that the highest priority of the organization is to fully satisfy the requirements of customers and all interested parties, ensure compliance with the requirements of legislative and regulatory documents through the effective application of the system quality management and its continuous improvement.

The top management of Daewoo Bus Kazakhstan LLP has identified the main tasks to achieve the quality objectives:
  1. creation of conditions that ensure continuous improvement of product quality and the interest of each employee in achieving this goal;
  2. improvement of management and production processes through the use of the latest tools and methods of management and production;
  3. improvement of monitoring and product quality control processes;
  4. professional training of personnel;
  5. motivation of staff in constant self-improvement and maximum disclosure of creative abilities

All personnel of Daewoo Bus Kazakhstan LLP share the principles of the quality management system, are involved in the process of its creation and operation, clearly understand the goals of their work, see the result and influence it.

Each employee of Daewoo Bus Kazakhstan LLP is responsible for the quality of the work performed and undertakes not to take or carry out actions that contradict the Quality Policy.

The top management of Daewoo Bus Kazakhstan LLP undertakes to maintain in working order the current quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ST RK ISO 9001, spreading the understanding of the importance of meeting customer requirements in the organization, regularly analyzing the achievement of established quality goals, providing the necessary resources for this .

Senior management takes responsibility for communicating this policy to employees and motivating them to implement it.

This Quality Policy is available to all interested parties.

The main objectives in the field of quality are:
  1. To direct the organization's activities to fully meet the requirements and expectations of customers for the quality of products, ensure and maintain the reputation of Daewoo Bus Kazakhstan LLP as a reliable supplier of products that meets the requirements and wishes of consumers;
  2. Learn and implement new technologies;
  3. Provide training for the organization's employees in order to improve the level of qualifications and knowledge in the main areas during 2017;
  4. Develop and implement a quality management system based on the international standard ISO 9001;
  5. To certify the quality management system for compliance with the requirements of the ST RK ISO 9001-2009 standard before the beginning of the IV quarter of 2016;
  6. Continuously improve the quality management system in order to improve product quality, taking into account the requirements and wishes of consumers, established through feedback during 2017