Armored bus for schoolchildren released in Semey
24 June, 2016

Some cities of Kazakhstan and Russia have already become interested in the novelty of mechanical engineering, reports.

Externally, the armored bus does not differ from others only in bright yellow. Scool bus is equipped with a robust crate and sturdy frame. According to the developers, in the event of an accident, the body will not be so badly damaged and deformed from the impact. The bus has 45 seats.

The first copy was assembled at the Semey plant "Daewoo Bus Kazakhstan" by order from Astana.

"Our bus, thanks to the armored metal, withstands strong shocks. Such a bus will be useful where children are taken to schools on uneven terrain. The ground clearance of our development is 24 cm, so you can ride it even in mountainous terrain," said the head of the LLP "Daewoo Bus Kazakhstan" Asemkan Duskuzhanov.