Daewoo Bus Kazakhstan plans to export buses to Azerbaijan
31 January, 2019

Daewoo Bus Kazakhstan LLP intends to triple the production of buses in 2019 - up to 300-400 per year, Deputy General Director of the enterprise Marat Makishev told Interfax-Kazakhstan.

"Last year we produced about 120 buses, this year we are planning 210 buses. Next year we are planning 300-400 buses," he said.

The increase in production, he said, will happen thanks to the support of the government of Kazakhstan and the implementation of the state comprehensive program for the development of public transport bus fleets.

"This year we signed documents for the supply of new buses to Atyrau and Semey. Today we are negotiating with Kostanai, Taraz and the Turkestan region. There is a need for new buses in both Semey and Ust-Kamenogorsk," said M. Makishev ...

The capacity of the enterprise is 1200 buses per year, he recalled. "So far, our enterprise is loaded by about 20%. If the complex program is fully operational, and we reach the production of 500 units of transport per year, this will already be a good result," M. Makishev believes.

The enterprise is making plans for the export of its products. "We are working to supply our buses to Russia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and other markets in the CIS. Now we have introduced Euro-5, started installing the GLONASS system to supply buses to Russia. And last year the first two such buses were delivered We have opened our own dealer centers. Now we are working out the needs in the Russian Federation ", - said M. Makishev.

The company also plans to resume the production of gas-fueled buses, which had to be suspended due to a decrease in demand in Alma-Ata. "We are negotiating with KazTransGas onimderi (part of KazTransGas JSC), a company that installs filling stations and supplies gas. They agree to support us," the deputy general director of Daewoo Bus Kazakhstan said.

Daewoo bus assembly production was launched in Semey (former Semipalatinsk, East Kazakhstan region) in 2007 on the basis of Semipalatinsk Automobile Assembly Plant LLP (SemAZ). According to the official website of Daewoo Bus Kazakhstan, the founders of the enterprise on a parity basis are SemAZ, which is part of the Virage holding and the Korean Daewoo Bus Global Corporation.

Investments in the joint venture amounted to $ 5 million. The creation of this enterprise made it possible to attract foreign investments to the republic's economy in the amount of $ 2.5 million. The plant became the first full-cycle car assembly enterprise in Kazakhstan, which includes not only the assembly of bodies, units and assemblies from imported vehicle sets, but also welding and painting of bodies.