DBK-Leasing will allocate 26 billion tenge for leasing buses, combines and tractors of domestic production
09 January, 2019

As part of a comprehensive plan to renew the critically worn-out fleet of equipment in the Republic of Kazakhstan, with the support of the Ministry of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the state allocates money to finance legal entities and individual entrepreneurs who lease buses, harvesters and tractors. The operator of this program will be DBK-Leasing JSC.

The task of updating public transport and providing quality services for the transportation of citizens is relevant for all regions of the country. Today, 65% of the country's bus fleet consists of buses over 7 years old. The deterioration of the agricultural machinery park has reached a critical level: 86% for tractors, 72% for combines.

In the first two years, it is planned to upgrade about 700 buses, tractors and combines. For 5 years, taking into account the revolving receipt of funding, it is planned to update more than 1000 pieces of equipment.

Implementation of the program for financing the purchase of buses for the transportation of passengers on regular and non-regular routes and financing the purchase of combines and tractors through DBK-Leasing JSC, subject to an interest rate of no more than 7% per annum, will significantly ease the burden on the business at the time of purchase and initial development under the contract. The initial payment is assumed to be from 15%, the lease term - up to 7 years, while a grace period for development of up to 6 months is provided.

The provision of a budget loan in the amount of 13 billion tenge, taking into account mixing in 50% with commercial financing, will allow DBK-Leasing JSC to lease financing of equipment produced in the Republic of Kazakhstan for subjects of the agro-industrial sector of the economy in leasing in the amount of 6 billion tenge and buses of domestic production for amount of 20 billion tenge, during 2018-2033 on a reciprocating revolving basis.

Borrowers will be offered agricultural machinery and buses, the production of which is carried out at the enterprises of SaryarkaAvtoProm LLP, AgromashHoldingKZ JSC, Vector Combine Plant LLP, SemAZ LLP, Hyundai Trans Auto LLP and Daewoo Bus Kazakhstan LLP